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Easy Gripper Workshop

A perfect and flexible solution for safe and efficient tyre handling in tyre workshops and at assembly lines with limited space.

The Easy Gripper Workshop can be delivered for installation on your local electrical stacker or as a “READY TO GO” turnkey solution mounted on a rebuild Linde L16/20.


Grips, lifts, moves and rotates tyres from Ø700 – 2.160 mm (28 – 85”) and 1.000 kg (2.200 lbs) at a CoG of 500 mm (20”). On request the gripping diameter can be extended to 2.400 mm (94”) to handle even the biggest AGRO tyres.

Standard features

  • Unique and safe 3-point grip
    Avoid accidents.
    Avoid deformation of tyres.
    Avoid damages to tyres, rims and equipment.
  • Integrated camera system for optimal view
    With automatic IR function in insufficient light conditions.
  • Precise rotation +/-25°
  • Tilt function +/-15°
  • Slow drive mode*
    Controlled and accurate movements improve safety.
  • Turning radius 1.530 mm (60”)*
    *Depending on carrier.

Optional accessories

  • Easy shift of gripping pipes for various purposes
    Flat top arm for limited tyre clearance.
    Telescopic pipes for long reach, to provide room for the tyre fitters and for dual tyre handling.
  • Customization on request

Technical specifications

Technical Data

  • Lifting capacity: 1.000 kg (2.200 lbs)
  • Tyre diameter: 700 – 2.160 mm (28 – 85”)
  • Width of Stacker: 1.600 mm (63”)
  • Min. turning radius: 1.530 mm (60″)
  • Tilt from vert. position: +/-15°
  • Rotation: +/-25°

Explanatory description

(A) CoG Machine: 385 mm (15”)
(B) Rear of Load: 575 mm (23”)
(C) CoG Load: 1.075 mm (42”)
(D) Length: 1.175 mm (46”)