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Mobile service of OTR/EM and AGRO tyres

The Easy Gripper product range is designed to help tyre professionals in a multitude of conditions and situations. Implementing the Easy Gripper makes tyre handling faster and safer, while preventing damage to tyres, rims and equipment.

Installed on a truck crane, the Easy Gripper offers the optimal flexibility allowing the driver to be able to both transport and mount the big OTR or AGRO tyres and wheels – and even single handedly.

With the Gripper very risky and time-consuming handling situations become safe and easy.


With a gripping range of Ø850 – 2.400 mm (34 – 94”) and a lifting capacity of 2 ton (4.400 lbs) at a CoG of 550 mm (22”), the Gripper can handle tyres up to 37.25R35. When handling full wheel assemblies as inside duals, the Gripper handles up to 24.00R35 tyres.

If you don’t handle wheel assemblies bigger than 1 ton (2.200 lbs) and a gripping range of Ø700 – 2.160 mm (28 – 85”) , you can choose a configuration with our Easy Gripper 2160, where we on request also can extend the gripping diameter to Ø2.400 mm (94”) to handle even the biggest AGRO tyres.

Standard features

  • Handles both the Easy Gripper 2160 and 2400-2T

  • Unique and safe 3-point grip
    Avoid accidents.
    Avoid deformation of tyres.
    Avoid damages to tyres, rims and equipment.

  • Precise rotation +/-25°

  • Tilt function up to 180°

  • Control system designed to be integrated with existing crane control system

  • Crane Module B incl. mounting plate for crane insert

Optional accessories

  • LED working light (2400-2T only)

  • Camera system for optimal view
    With automatic IR function in insufficient light conditions

  • Easy shift of gripping pipes for various purposes
    Flat top arm for limited tyre clearance.
    Telescopic pipes for long reach, to provide room for the tyre fitters and for dual tyre handling.

  • Tools for safe handling of tyre rings
    To help tyre fitters with the hard and dangerous work.
    Can easily be attached at the end of the gripping pipes.
    Can push the tyre and can hold and place the rings.

  • Customization on request

Technical specifications

Easy Gripper 2160

Gripping diameter: 700 – 2.160 mm (28 – 85”)
Standard pipes: Ø89 x 600 mm (3.5 x 24”)
Lifting capacity: 1.000 kg (2.200 lbs)
Weight: 905 kg (1.995 lbs)

Easy Gripper 2400-2T

Gripping diameter: 850 – 2.400 mm (34 – 94”)
– with special arms down to: 1.080 mm (43”)
Standard pipes: Ø115 x 650 mm (4.5 x 26”)
Lifting capacity: 2.000 kg (4.400 lbs)
Weight: 1.110 kg (2.447 lbs)

Technical Requirements

  • Insert for mounting: Crane specific
  • Lifting capacity: Individual calculation
  • Electrical supply: 12/24 V


  • Flow max: 50 L/min (13.2 gal) 
  • One, or preferable two, hydraulic proportional valves to control the Crane Module and the Gripper.

Explanatory description

Easy Gripper 2160

(A) From connection plate to CoG: 1.990 mm (78”)
(B) From end of 2.extension: Crane specific

Easy Gripper 2400-2T

(A) From connection plate to CoG: 2.200 mm (87”)
(B) From end of 2.extension: Crane specific